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Proreuse is a distributor of products for industry of chemistry, plastic, hot melt, candles , rubber, food. Using our extensive experience we can assure the quality of our products. We have friendly relationship with suppliers in all Europe, India, China, Israel..


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Our main product categories are :
  • natural and synthetic waxes, fully refined and semi refined paraffin wax, base oil, slack waxes, microcrystalline waxes , polyethylene waxes
  • maleic anhydride
  • by product from PE or PP production
  • equipment for candles production
  • colour and lacquer for candles
  • fragrances for candles
  • super foods as moringa
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Application sector of our products:
- Candles industries
- beekeeping
- hot melt
- rubber
- plastic , polymers production
- food
- emulsion
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Equipment for candles:

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Our shop on line:

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Our seriousness and experience are focused on your needs

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